In these times, managing your budget can be difficult, to say the least. Not only that but staying on top of your recurring payments, like your cable bill, Spotify Premium monthly membership, gym, streaming services – it can get exhausting. Meet TrueBill.

Truebill, a personal finance app, helps you manage your spending and subscriptions, reduce the cost of your monthly bills, and be aware of your finances. You can think of it as your own personal finance assistant.

How does it work? The app connects to your credit cards and tracks how you’re spending your finances. It provides a comprehensive look at how and where you’re spending your money, along with your available funds.

The app also provides reports, so you can analyze exactly where your money is going. Most importantly, the app helps you cancel any unwanted subscriptions. You know the type – that random $9.99 coming out of your account each month for a fitness subscription you forgot to cancel. Additionally, Truebill will also work to negotiate lower rates for your cable and cell phone bills.

App Features: