Top Fishing Spots Near Boston

Go, fish. Boston is home to some great spots for those who enjoy the sport, and a day out on the water. We’ve rounded up some great spots to go fishing in Boston.

Castle IslandSouth Boston, MA

Castle Island, a beloved peninsula in South Boston on the shore of Boston Harbor, is a great spot to cast a net. With Sully’s restaurant nearby, it’s a great place to fish and grab some grub afterward. There are tons of spots to set up shop at, with three miles of beaches along Dorchester Bay.

Charles RiverBoston, MA

With three miles of river, the Charles is easily accessible for those who love to fish, but sans boat. You could also rent a kayak if you wanted to be in the middle of the action. Beautiful sunset views are an added bonus.


Hammond Pond, Newton, MA

This historic parkway features hiking trails and a rock formations to climb. According to some avid fisher websites, the best time to post up at Hammond Pond to fish is from 4PM – 6PM.


Boston Harbor IslandsBoston, MA

Hop on a ferry to the Boston Harbor Islands, where you could find bass, flounder, haddock, and cod during the day or night. A bit of a hike for those who live in Boston, but the scenic view of the city and sunsets make it all worth the while


Beaver Brook Reservation, Waltham, MA

This small nature preserve located in Waltham includes a dedicated fishing area, and some other great paths to wander before or after. Another bonus? Full restroom facilities are also located on the premises (score!).