According to a post on the Bernardston Police Department, there’s a new scam in relation to COVID-19 happening in Massachusetts.

If you’ve received a phone call saying that you, or someone you know, need to be tested for COVID-19, do not give out your address or credit card information.

The Police Department in Bernardston released a statement that people are calling and falsely stating that you, or people around you need to be tested for COVID-19. The scammers then ask for your credit card and address.

If you or your family have any COVID-19 concerns, connect with your medical provider.

This isn’t the first coronavirus-related scam. False stimulus funds and jobs have been in question since the beginning of the pandemic. According to KOMO News, coronavirus-related scams have totaled in more than $74 million in losses.

You can often tell when something is a scam when a caller will request money upfront or providing personal information.