With everyone in quarantine in the city, running has become a really great activity to stay in shape, and enjoy the outdoors. While masks and social distancing are required, these are wonderful running paths to enjoy safely. Be sure to look at the city’s latest COVID-19 guidelines before heading out on your run.

The Emerald Necklace

A 10-mile long running route that goes through Boston’s favorite spots, the Emerald Necklace is a great place for beginnings to expert runnings alike. It’s easily accessible via bike or train for you to hop on or off the route. You’ll catch all the sights, like the Boston Public Garden and Boston Common if you head north, and south, you’ll end up at the Franklin Park Zoo.


The Charles River Esplanade

If you’re feeling ambitious, the Charles River path in total is 17 (!) miles. This route boasts the perfect views of the city, especially on the Cambridge side. It’s easily accessible and can be as short or long as you’d like.


The Comm Ave Mall

Short and sweet, the Commonwealth Avenue Mall is picturesque, featuring brownstones, and fall foliage and tons of dog watching. You can easily access the Charles River Esplanade from this path as well.


Beacon Hill

Not the longest of runs, but Beacon Hill has some of the prettiest, and toughest streets to run, given the hills. While it’s pretty runner-friendly, there are tons of residents, tourists, and traffic along the way.


The Fens Backbay

A little over a mile, the Fens is an easy run for beginners. Don’t blink or you’ll miss the James Kelleher Rose Gardens, in full bloom, at certain points of the spring.


Castle Island

There’s no greater feeling than running around a path with plans coming in to land at Logan International Airport overhead. Castle Island in South Boston is a great loop around the water, with sunset and sunrise views, depending on if you’re a morning or evening runner.