KonMari Method

Get ahead of spring cleaning and organization and bring joy to your home with a three-hour private coaching session with a certified KonMari Method.

Spring is here, and many of us are using this time in quarantine to organize our lives. To help tidy up, now’s the perfect time to try the KonMari method with Stacy Lee! Made popular by Marie Kondo, during this KonMari session, Stacy will help you learn the tidying-up method, how to determine which of your possessions “spark joy” and how to declutter your home.

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak and Stay At Home orders, Certified KonMari Consultant Stacy Lee is working with clients virtually. She is offering a three-hour private KonMari session for $120. In the session, you’ll receive a personal consultation, coaching, and assistance with decluttering and completing your organizing goals for your home. In addition, each booking also includes a 30-minute consultation to discuss your organizational goals.

The process focuses on keeping items that Spark Joy and thanking the items we decide to let go of. This powerful shift changes your connection to your things and how you live your life. Additionally, decluttering is done by category, not location. Stacy will have you organize your belongings into five different categories: Clothes, Books, Paper, Miscellaneous, and Sentimental. This will give you a more accurate sense of quantities and help you hone in on your joy.

The method is more than an organizing hack — it’s a lifestyle change. After using the KonMari method to organize your space, it’ll help increase productivity, create more peace, and establish a time-saving organization system. Click here to learn more about the method and how to schedule your session!


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