Commuting, especially on public transit has undoubtedly been changed. While working from home may become the new norm, traveling into the office may not. The MBTA has an answer to that.

The Flex Pass, introduced this week, is a feature on the mTicket app and is a bundled fare. The Flex Pass is good for any five days of travel within a thirty-day period.

“With the understanding that travel patterns are changing and many employers are exploring new ways of working like staggered schedules and telework policies, this new fare product aims to serve Commuter Rail riders whose commutes may change as they return to using the system during the Commonwealth’s reopening phases,” the press release from the MBTA stated.

Available beginning July 1st, the 5-Day Flex Pass will be between $21.60 – $119.25.

By purchasing the flex pass, you’re able to get five 1-day passes for 10% off compared to round-trip travel. Additionally, day passes will be valid for 24 hours of unlimited travel. These passes are only available on the mTicket app and can be used on commuter rail rides.

Wondering what will happen with your expired commuter rail tickets during COVID-19? For those who weren’t able to use their tickets during that time period, they will be accepted for the next 3 months starting on June 22.