The 1950s landmark, Kowloon, just announced their plans for a car-hop and drive-in movie theater service, which could begin as early as Monday.

If given the green light from Governor Baker on Monday, Kowloon Restaurant will be offering food and alcohol that customers can order from their car. Eventually, this will expand to a drive-in movie theater on an outdoor screen and even musical performances.

Currently, the Board voted to permit Kowloon outdoor seating, which will accommodate 50 cars and 20 tables. In addition, a massive 30 by 20-foot projection screen will be set up and screening movies from four to seven nights a week. Once it gets dark enough, the movies will begin and a radio station will be provided for listeners to broadcast the movies.

Eventually, live music will be permitted. The board approved an entertainment license that allows a 5-piece band to perform. The 20-table outside dining area will feature jersey barriers to protect those eating outdoors and cars. Given that there’s a limited tables space for dining, bringing your lawn chairs is encouraged!

The approved hours will be 11 a.m. until 12 a.m., every day. That said, it’s strongly encouraged to purchase tickets for the drive-in in advance.

Governor Baker is intending on giving an update on Monday regarding the next steps for the phases.

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