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Looking for delicious Thai food in Beantown? Whether it’s the best pad thai, tom yum soup, Khao pad, or other Thai dishes, we’ve got the top Boston Thai restaurants to enjoy in the city.

Most Popular Thai Food Dishes in Boston

  • Pad Thai: this stir-fried noodle dish is one of the most popular in Thai cuisine, and can be made with or without chicken, beef, or shrimp.
  • Khao Pad: the perfect option for people looking for rice, Khao Pad is a delicious rice prepared with Jasmine rice.
  • Dumplings: you can’t go wrong with this appetizer, popular in Thai dishes. 
  • Drunken Noodle: while no alcohol is served in this dish, stir fried dish is a spicy staple to any Thai restaurant.
  • Thai Bubble Tea: you’ll know this tea when you see it based on its bright orange color and sweet flavor.

10 Best Thai Restaurants In Boston

1. Brown Sugar Cafe

thai food in boston

Photo Credit: Brown Sugar Cafe

A Boston standard, Brown Sugar Cafe is located near the Boston University campus and includes a variety of cultural dishes. Ideal for takeout, delivery, and outdoor dining, Brown Sugar has the perfect date night vibe.
1033 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA, 02215

2. Rod Thai Family Taste

Perfectly cooked Indonesian rice, juicy chicken, and yellow pineapple curry are a few dishes you’ll find at Rod Thai Family Taste in Fenway. Make sure to check out their outdoor seating and try the Pad Thai with Crispy Chicken when you’re there.
94 Peterborough Street, Boston, MA, 02215

3. Thaitation

thai food in boston

Photo Credit: Tripadvisor

This Thai cafe features picture-perfect sidewalk dining in warmer weather. Try the flavorful Panang curry with sticky rice, or the mango curry with sticky rice.  
129 Jersey Street, Boston, MA, 02215

4. Kala Thai Cookery

The North End isn’t just known for its Italian food. This elevated Thai restaurant opened in 2018 and is a gem in the neighborhood. Flavorful, fragrant, and fantastic are just a few words that reviewers on Yelp describe Kala as. If you’re in the area, order the Kapow Dumplings or the classic Pad See Ew.
151 Hanover Street, Boston, 02109

5. Laughing Monk Cafe

Thai cuisine meets sushi rolls at Laughing Monk Cafe, a Thai fusion restaurant in Mission Hill. Reviewers have stated that this was the “best omakase” and “best pad thai” they’ve ever tried. Laughing Monk Cafe offers both indoor and outdoor dining.
737 Huntington Cafe, Boston, MA, 02215

6. Pho Basil

thai food boston

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Located in the heart of Boston, Pho Basil is open daily, with the exception of Tuesdays. The restaurant offers delicious Kao soi with crispy chicken, and portion size is enough that you’ll be able to take leftovers home.
737 Huntington Cafe, Boston, MA, 02215

7. Similans

Fans of Brown Sugar Cafe (#1) will love Similans. Opened by the same owners, Similans is located in Cambridge and offers delicious Thai food, like warm and tender Nam Tok or fresh drunken noodles and crab rangoons. 
145 First Street, Cambridge, MA, 02142

8. Sweet Rice

thai food in boston

Photo Credit: Sweet Rice

Sweet Rice Thai kitchen brings fresh and authentic Thai food to Charlestown. If you’re torn on what to order, Sweet Rice offers a sushi and sashimi menu. Sweet Rice also opened a new location in Jamaica Plain in 2019 based on the success of its original restaurant. If you need to plan and cater an event, Sweet Rice also offers an extensive catering menu.
187 Main Street, Boston, MA, 02129 and 697 Centre Street, Boston, MA, 02130

9. My Thai Vegan Cafe

On the search for some of the best Thai food in Boston, but have a few friends in your group that have dietary restrictions? The My Thai Vegan Cafe offers meatless options in an expansive two-story building. Not only does it feature delicious Thai food, but the spot is also known for its menu of bubble tea.
3 Beach Street #2, Boston, MA, 02111

10. Montein Boston

If you’re looking for some of the best Thai food in Boston, but also want a cocktail to enjoy dinner with, then you’re in luck. Montein Boston offers an authentic Thai menu and a regular menu. Come hungry, or ready to split some meals with friends, because the portion sizes are massive!
63 Stuart Street, Boston, MA, 02111


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Boston Thai Food: 10 Best Thai Restaurants
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