Summer Job

Coronavirus has impacted all elements of society, including many summer jobs for teens. To combat this, the city of Boston announced they’ll be adding an additional $4.1 million dollars to help provide youth jobs this summer.

Mayor Marty Walsh announced the funding for the Boston Summer Jobs Program, which will provide 8,000 jobs and engagement opportunities this summer for those between the ages of 14-21.

Participants in the program will receive $12.75 an hour (Massachusetts minimum wage) and will work 25 hours a week for six weeks.

Mayor Walsh stated that the program is a chance for youth to stay engaged and provides learning that they can take to their future jobs for the rest of their lives .  It also gives them an opportunity to help build their skills for the future, gain confidence, and have impressionable experiences in the workplace. These jobs will also provide support for low-income families.

“While this year’s summer jobs program is different due to coronavirus, our dedication to providing these important opportunities is stronger than ever,” Mayor Walsh said.

The Boston Summer Jobs program will connect youth to jobs that will provide mentorship and guidance, promote skill-building along with networking opportunities. The types of organizations that the program partners with include nonprofit and private organizations.

Private businesses were struggling to host a youth summer job program due to the impact of COVID-19. Because of this, Mayor Walsh increased funds for $4.1 million to $11.9 million.