Whether you’re grabbing some beers to-go for the weekend or looking to reserve a socially-distant table, there’s some great breweries in the city to check out.

Trillium Brewing Company

Founded in 2013 by husband and wife, JC and Esther Tetreault, Trillium has their headquarters in Canton along with a three-story brewpub in Fort Point, a taproom in Fenway, and a seasonal beer garden on the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Trillium has won numerous awards and has quickly become one of the city’s prized breweries.


Night Shift Brewing

Boasting two bars in Everett, two beer gardens (operating seasonally), a waterfront brewpub, and plans for a Philadelphia location, Night Shift has become one of the most recognizable beer brands in Boston.


Aeronaut Brewing Company

Nestled somewhere between Somerville’s Spring Hill neighborhood and the Cambridge line, Aeronaut has got their community-friendly atmosphere down. Their bustling warehouse shares a space with Somerville Chocolates, Venezuelan cuisine Carolicious, a tasting counter, and a wine bar. But don’t be distracted by all the activity, Hop Hop and Away and A Year With Dr. Nandu are some of the best IPA’s around.


Lamplighter Brewing Company

Steps away from Central Square in Cambridge, Lamplighter has proven to be a diamond in the rough for going on five years. Backed by such crowd favorites as their Birds of a Feather IPA and London Calling chocolate porter, Lamplighter transforms from a cafe in the day to a lively community-centric brewery at night, complete with pop-up food experiences on an almost nightly basis.


Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon is now one of the largest craft breweries in the U.S., but when it started in 1986 it was the first company in more than 25 years to obtain a permit in the Commonwealth for manufacturing and selling alcohol. Harpoon stays true to its roots, hosting annual festivals, local partnerships, and naming their beers after local brands and flavors.


Lord Hobo Brewing Company

With their headquarters located in Woburn, and a brewpub on a quiet street in Cambridge, Lord Hobo has solidified itself within Boston’s elite beer culture. The brewery made 50,000 barrels in 2019 and continues to grow in size, mostly thanks to their flagship beverage Boom Sauce.


Democracy Brewing Company

Started in 2018 in Downtown Crossing, this brewery with pub fare boasts economic sustainability for its employee-owners. With beer names like 1919 Strike stout, Worker’s Pint American blonde ale, and Fighting 54th saison, Democracy gives a unique nod to Boston’s fervor for politics and the city’s working class.


Dorchester Brewing Company

Dorchester Brewing might have the most exciting space of any craft brewery in the area. The main floor is always a center of activity, but in 2020 they opened a rooftop beer garden where they host various events. Aside from their own delicious beers, Dorchester Brewing hosts tenant-brewers on draft like Maine’s Lone Pine and Hudson’s Medusa.