best frozen yogurt in boston

Looking for the best frozen yogurt in and around Boston? You are in the right place!

Whether it is a warm day or a cold day, a frozen yogurt is a always a welcome treat. Do you like the classic tart with granola and fresh fruit, as well as all of the health benefits that cultured dairy products provide? It’s no problem. Or perhaps you really want to go all out, with chocolate, vanilla, and dulce de leche blended together in one cup and piled high with as many sweet sweets and sauces as you can handle? That is, after all, an option. In any case, it’s completely customizable and a great way to unwind.

For your convenience, we’ve compiled a list of the finest locations to get frozen yogurt in Boston.

Top Boston Frozen Yogurt Places

1. JP Licks

Continuously listed as some of the best treats in Boston, JP Licks offers a variety of frozen yogurt to complement their well-known ice cream. The shop offers soft-serve frozen yogurt with flavors like Coffee, Pomegranate, Peppermint, and more. Flavors rotate and change depending on the week and location, so before visiting, check out the website’s updated menu.

Multiple locations, 1 Brigham Circle, 1618 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

2. Berryline

best frozen yogurt in boston

Photo Credit: Goop

With a uniquely decorated exterior and a prime location near Harvard Square, Berryline is not a shop to miss. Berryline’s frozen yogurt is tart and refreshing, and homemade toppings are created from bakers on staff (think homemade brownies, cheesecake, cookies, and granola). If you’re looking to take a bit of a healthier route, Berryline offers fresh fruit toppings that are delivered daily. The fruits are rotated throughout the year and often feature strawberries, mangoes, kiwi, blueberry, and more.

3 Arrow Street, Cambridge, MA

3. FroyoWorld

best frozen yogurt in boston

Photo Credit: Groupon for Froyo World

Refreshing is a word to describe frozen yogurt at Froyoworld in Allston. The toppings don’t fall short here either, try their lychee and mochi. The spot offers dairy-free and gluten-free flavors as well.

157 Harvard Avenue, Allston, MA

4. Dizin FruttiBerry

With one-of-a-kind flavors inspired by Persian flavors such as saffron and rose, Dizin FruttiBerry is a must-visit. A creamy-like texture makes for unbelievably delicious frozen yogurt. If the trek to Watertown intimidates you, the shop offers delivery as well.

127 Mount Auburn Street, Watertown, MA

5. Yotopia

This self-serve frozen yogurt spot features flavors like vanilla, chocolate, mango, cookies n cream, matcha, and strawberry. It’s the perfect place to stop by for something refreshing after you’ve had a bite to eat in the food court. If you’re looking for other tasty treats, they offer bubble tea, smoothies and fish cones.

1815 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA

6. Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream

best frozen yogurt in boston

Photo Credit: The Food Lens, Brian Samuels Photography

We’ve often included Christina’s Homemade Icecream in our Best Icecream in Boston feature articles, but do you know they’re also known for their frozen yogurt selection? Their frozen yogurt is hard in texture but packed with flavor. Try the peanut butter chip frozen yogurt or the black raspberry chocolate chip.

1255 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA

7. Berry Twist

If you find yourself strolling through the historic Faneuil Hall Marketplace and suddenly with the urge for frozen yogurt, Berry Twist is the place to stop. With soft and hard frozen yogurt, you can’t go wrong with their selections.

200 Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston, MA

8. Red Mango

Red Mango is a healthy frozen yogurt choice in Boston. With all-natural juices, fresh fruit, and treats packed with probiotics, you can feel good when leaving the shop. Red Mango has frozen yogurt that is not just tart, but also has “sweet & creamy” options that are all-natural, gluten-free and kosher.

75 Francis Street, Boston, MA

9. [FoMu]

best frozen yogurt in boston

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A true alternative to ice cream, FoMu’s ice cream is all-natural and plant-based. With a focus on local ingredients that are good for the earth, they’re beginning to offer fall flavors like pumpkin pie and caramel, all made by scratch.

Multiple locations: 140 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA, 481 Cambridge Street, Allston, MA, 617 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain and 655 Tremont Street, Boston, MA

10. Emack & Bolio’s Ice Cream

This Boston staple offers a rotating list of frozen yogurt flavors, like black raspberry chocolate chip yogurt. Their froyo flavors are made with live cultures and non-fat milk. Next time you’re strolling on Newbury Street, stop in for an invigorating treat.

290 Newbury Street, Boston, MA


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