Did you know that there are certain months to buy certain items that are better than other times of year.

Here are a few things to buy in May:

  1. Mattresses: May is a great month to buy Mattresses, especially near Memorial Day Weekend
  2. Spring Apparel: Summer Apparel is out and look for discounts on Spring Apparel to make more room for summer wear
  3. Hot Dogs, Condiments, Chips & Other BBQ Foods: Cookouts begin in May and look for deals for all your favorite BBQ foods
  4. Party Supplies: Cookouts, Graduations and other parties are popular in May leading to more sales
  5. Thrift Store Finds: A lot of spring cleaning leads to better finds at the thrift store this month (Read: Thrift Stores in Boston)

Here are a few things to avoid buying in May:

  1. Flowers: Flowers and other stereotypical Mother’s Day gifts are more expensive due to higher demand in May
  2. Jewelry: Jewelry has less deals this month due to Mother’s Day, wait until the summer
  3. Laptops: Wait until summer to find better deals on Laptops before school starts

What other items are good or bad finds in May? Do you agree with this list?