While many universities are offering a hybrid learning model, UMass Boston announced that all classes will be held online this coming fall.

The decision hinges off of many of the UMass Boston students heavily reliant on public transportation. Additionally, students commute every day from the most vulnerable neighborhoods in the state.

According to the UMass Chancellor, Katherine Newman, the university considered a few alternatives for the fall. However, the university ultimately decided to support the online classes plan due to the fact that many students and family members are part of at-risk groups.

Newman announced the decision last week. When asked about other universities and their hybrid model choices, she stated “In important respects, especially the extent of daily reliance on public transportation and the prevalence of COVID-19 in the communities they serve, these institutions are very different from UMass Boston,” Newman wrote.

Currently, faculty are working on taking all their classes online, and are also receiving training for how to prepared for a remote semester this fall.

While UMass Boston is keeping classes online, UMass Amherst announced that they’ll be conducting most of its courses remotely, but students who wish to live on campus will have the option to do so. However, living on campus will not be a guarantee for any in-person classes.