Uber XLThe transportation app Uber has been mentioned a lot on the blog in the past and I wanted to mention it again today since they rolled out a new feature!

UberX is the car sharing option of Uber and is the cheapest option of the Uber Family. (It is similar to Lyft if you are familiar.) However, they have another budget-friendly family member starting today– UberXL.

UberXL is very similar to UberX just with more room to fit up to 6 people. Rates for UberXL are $3.50 (Base Fare) + $.35/Min + $2.45/Mile + $1 Safe Rides Fee. Keep in mind Uber does surge pricing during in demand times so rates can vary.

If you haven’t signed up for Uber before, you can use my referral code uberBostonBudget for a free $10 credit for your first ride. (Although a quick google search may yield a larger promo code when you are ready to sign up.)

Have you used Uber before? Are you excited for UberXL?