Boston Hotel Deals

Do you need to book a hotel soon for an upcoming vacation or for any reason? Travelocity has a current promotion where you can take $50 off stays of $300 or more when you enter promo code TAX50.

Keep in mind that the promo code works on hotels that are less than $300 a night, you just need to spend over $300 for your entire stay. For example, if you found a hotel for $110/night but was staying for 3 nights, you’d be over $300 and the promo code should work. (Some hotels may not participate but I tried a few different Boston hotels to test and everyone I tried did work.)

However, you may not want to subtract the $50 in your math, because their will be additional hotel fees and tax that you may realize until check out. However, you will be able to see the breakdown after the promo code is entered and before you enter your credit card info.

The $50 off promo code does expire today, April 16, 2014 so you do need to book today to receive the $50 off for hotel stays in the future. For more information or to book a hotel, please head here.

Boston Visitors: If you are looking to book a hotel in Boston and are not familiar with the area, Travelocity’s Neighborhood feature does include Boston Suburbs. One thing I noticed when I picked an area in Boston (like the Back Bay for instance) it also includes other hotels that are not in the Back Bay neighborhood but doesn’t include the suburbs. However, it will say the distance from the Back Bay instead of nothing, so you can tell the difference between Boston neighborhoods that way.

*I am an affiliate partner of Travelocity, so I do get thanked if you purchase through my affiliate link. Please see my disclosure policy here if you have any questions.

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