Boston is a city of many historical landmarks. Faneuil Hall, Old North Church, and the USS Constitution just to name a few. But many of these landmarks wouldn’t be noteworthy without the famous men and women attached to them. Let’s take a trip around Boston to see the final resting places of some of these historical figures.

Granary Burying Ground

120 Tremont St, Boston, MA

  • Samuel Adams (Founding Father and signer of the Declaration of Independence)
  • Crispus Attucks (longshoreman victim of the Boston Massacre and the first casualty of the American Revolutionary War)
  • Peter Faneuil (colonial merchant, slave trader, and philanthropist)
  • John Hancock (signer of the Declaration of Independence and statesman)
  • Robert Treat Paine (signer of the Declaration of Independence)
  • Paul Revere (Revolutionary War Patriot and silversmith)


King’s Chapel Burying Ground

58 Tremont St, Boston, MA

  • John Winthrop (first Puritan governor of Massachusetts)
  • William Dawes (American Revolutionary hero)


Central Burying Ground

Boylston St, Boston, MA

  • Gilbert Stuart (painter, known for George Washington’s famous unfinished portrait)
  • William Billings (America’s first choral composer)
  • John Baptiste Julien (early restauranteur known for Julien’s Restorator)


Copp’s Hill Burying Ground

21 Hull St, Boston, MA

  • Shem Drowne (coppersmith and creator of grasshopper weathervane atop Faneuil Hall)
  • Edmund Hartt (carpenter and owner of the shipyard where the USS Constitution was constructed)
  • Cotton Mather (Puritan minister known for his connection to the Salem Witch Trials)
  • Phyllis Wheatley (first African-American author of a published book of poetry)
  • Robert Newman (patriot who placed the two lanterns in Old North Church for Paul Revere’s midnight ride)


Phipps Street Burying Ground

Phipps St, Charlestown, MA

  • Nathaniel Gorham (president of the Continental Congress and signer of the U.S. Constitution)
  • John Harvard (minister and namesake of Harvard University)


Forest Hills Cemetery

95 Forest Hills Ave, Boston, MA

  • E. Cummings (poet and artist)
  • William Lloyd Garrison (abolitionist, journalist, suffragist)
  • Anne Sexton (poet)
  • Eugene O’Neil (playwright)


Mount Auburn Cemetery

580 Mt. Auburn St, Cambridge, MA

  • Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (poet)
  • Winslow Homer (artist)
  • Isabella Stewart Gardner (art collector)


Sleepy Hollow Cemetery

Bedford St, Concord, MA

  • Louisa May Alcott (author)
  • Ralph Waldo Emerson (transcendentalist and philosopher)
  • Henry David Thoreau (transcendentalist and philosopher)
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne (author)


United First Parish Church in Quincy, MA

1306 Hancock St, Quincy, MA

  • John Adams (Founding Father and America’s second president from 1797 to 1801) and First Lady Abigail Adams
  • John Quincy Adams (6th president from 1825 to 1829) and First Lady Louisa Catherine Adams