Best Dog Parks BostonMany dog owners know a tired dog means a happy owner. Sometimes the best way to get the dog the exercise they need is to take them to a dog park to run them around with other dogs. Thankfully, some of the best dog parks in Boston let you keep your dog off-leash, which should really tire them out.

There’s multiple dog parks throughout the city and we tried to find the best of the best in the many parts of Boston. Hopefully you try out one of the below Boston dog parks and have a great time tiring out your pup or pups!


South End of Boston

Peter’s Park – Located in the South End of Boston, the dog run inside Peter’s Park is one of the best dog parks in Boston. It has been around since the early 1990s and in 2007 was renovated and renamed the Joe Wex Dog Recreation Space. Now, through multiple series of renovations, including one finished in 2019, it’s now one of the premier off-leash Boston dog parks. There’s over 13,000 square feet of space and a separated area for small dogs under 25 pounds.

Carleton Court – this is another one of the popular dog parks in Boston. It’s located in the South End and offers a slightly smaller, more community-focused space. The park is self-funded and maintained by a staff of volunteers. Those volunteers go above and beyond to make sure the park is enjoyable for our four-legged friends. They even supply tennis balls and other toys for visiting dogs to play with.


Back Bay/Downtown

Boston Common – You might not think the Boston Common is one of the best dog parks in Boston, but it’s a great place to take your pup. You can bring your dogs leashed at any time. There are also specific times you can let your dog off leash in the Public Garden. Plus, it’s one of the popular Boston dog parks because it’s surrounded by so many things to do in the surrounding area.


South Boston

South Boston Dog Park – As South Boston, or “Southie,” has grown with development, so has the need for a high-quality addition to this list of Boston dog parks. The park is fenced in and offers enough space for your dog to stretch their legs. It’s also right across from the scenic Carson Beach, so you can make a day of it if you want.

Channel Center Park – This park is another recent opening in South Boston. It’s a 2.5 acre space with a fenced-in dog park in a portion of it. The park has a gravel base, but the gravel is small and comfortable for most dogs to play with. There’s also plenty of fun stone obstacles for your dog to run around and play on.


East Boston

Belle Isle Marsh – This is one of the best dog parks in Boston, because it doesn’t even feel like you’re in the city. The Belle Isle Marsh offers over 200 acres of land in East Boston. There are plenty of trails to take your dog running. The space truly feels miles and miles away from the big city.


North End/Charlestown

North End Dog Park – The North End of Boston is one of the best representations of Boston’s rich history. Like many other Boston Dog parks, this is a place you can let your dog run free. But, unlike others there is a bunch of extra features to keep your dog entertained. There’s a water play area, turf areas for dogs to run around and even agility courses. Your pup will certainly leave here tired.

Paul Revere Dog Park – If you’re near the Charlestown area of Boston, you’ll want to check out the Paul Revere Dog park. It’s a 5-acre park right on the Charles River. Many dogs run around off-leash and there’s plenty of families around as well. The historical aspect includes a famous statue of Paul Revere. That means you can check off things off your bucket list if you’re visiting from out of town.


Did we miss any of the best dog parks in Boston? If so, let us know in the comments where and why!