starbucks masks in store

Photo credit: Starbucks

Starbucks manager, Heather Staples, uses her empty coffee shop to create masks as her contribution during the COVID – 19 Crisis. This innovative manager has utilized her empty Starbucks dining room to make masks for the hospital down the road in Beverly, Massachusetts.

Staples recognized the need for masks when her brother, a medical professional, was told to bring a bandana to work because there are not enough to go around.

“I felt really helpless. I think a lot of us feel really helpless right now. So, I just thought, ‘What’s one thing that I could do right now that might make a difference?'” She asked herself what more she could do, and quickly took action, inviting her community and employees to join her.

They downloaded a quilted pattern, brought her sewing machine to Starbucks and got to work, according to When she is not filling coffee orders at the drive through, she is sewing these masks.

This is just another way that people are pitching in and helping out during this crazy time. If you know of any other interesting ways people are giving back or going the extra mile to help out, please, let us know at so we can highlight them!