Sign Up for Swagbucks and Receive a $5 Bonus!For a limited time, Swagbucks is offering a $5 sign up bonus.

Although it is not Boston related, I did want to share this because I mentioned Swagbucks near Christmas time as a great way to make some extra Xmas money in my previous Money Making Monday series.

I’ve been a Swagbucks member for a few years and it is very easy to use and there’s a few different ways to earn points which can be redeemed for gift cards and more.

You can earn points by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping, and more. The majority of my points come from searching and printing coupons through Swagbucks. Instead of hitting up Google or Bing, sometimes I will search through Swagbucks. Not every search will result in points, but some will, and it’s a nice bonus for something I do anyway. I also earn 10 points for every coupon I print and redeem, which is a nice perk.

There are many different ways to earn Swagbucks and the rewards are great too. I tend to redeem my points for the $5 Amazon Gift Card, which is 450 points. I usually earn and save all year tp redeem in November and order holiday gifts for friends and family. It’s helps me feel not so strapped near the holidays for gift giving.

To sign up for Swagbucks or for more information, please head here. Do you use Swagbucks? What is your favorite way to rack up points?

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