Salem Horror Fest Tickets

Salem, Massachusetts knows fear more than most small New England coastal towns. Over 300 years ago, twenty people were executed here for partaking in witchcraft. But these witches didn’t ride broomsticks, carry wands, or wear tall and pointy hats, they were just like most others who lived in this town. Those who were seen as witches were scapegoats, attacked and accused by the wealthiest in town. Entire communities were marginalized and dramatically removed from society.

But the eerie sensation that still echoes through Salem’s streets has attracted folks. From around the globe, people come to experience this town as the weather cools down, jack-o-lanterns are carved and apples are picked for ciders and crisps. And there’s no better time to visit and experience all of the spooky Halloween vibes Salem has to offer.

The Salem Horror Fest is everyone’s favorite silver screen scary entertainment event! Each weekend in October (including some Thursdays and Fridays), catch the classic edge-of-the-seat scares. From slashers to creepers and creepy creatures, there’s a scare for everyone! There’s even the chance to meet legends of the industry, like John Waters, Elvira, and other horror stars.


How to Score Salem Horror Fest Discount Tickets

And as a Boston on Budget reader, there are a few ways you can score discounted tickets to see a variety of frightening films.

With this link to Goldstar, these tickets with Cinema Salem are 50% off to see classic scares such as The Blair Witch Project or Paranormal Activity.

Another option through Goldstar with the Salem Maritime National Historic Visitor Center has 50% off of tickets to see favorite spooky stores come to life on screen, such as Frankenstein, Stephen King’s It, Pet Sematary, and Carrie.

And lastly, Goldstar and the Peabody Essex Museum have teamed up to offer 50% off of classic stories with an educational twist, like Legacy of the Marsten House: The Political, Cultural & Theological Impact, or Horror Noire: History of Black Horror.

Don’t miss this chance to get your fill of favorite horror and scary films in America’s favorite spooky town in all its glory this October.