vacation safely this summer

COVID-19 has changed the way we do most things. For most of the country, people are just now being able to get out of the house and reenter society. Of course, things like socially distancing is still important as the coronavirus is still a problem all over the world. With the need for social distancing and the unseen danger that the coronavirus represents for many Americans, you might have squashed the idea of a summer trip this year. You might want to change those plans again, though.

It’s entirely safe to enjoy a summer vacation with a few modifications. The following options will get you out, making memories, while still observing important social distancing protocols.


Enjoy the Outdoors with an RV

RVShare is a service that connects people that own RVs with people that want to rent them. A road trip is one of the safest vacation options this year and an RV allows you to travel in style. Prices are cheaper than many hotel rooms and allows you to travel and relax in the same spot. You can choose from a variety of options including Class C luxury motorhomes. This gives you a chance to see the sights and experience the outdoors in comfort.


Don’t be Afraid of Day Trips

Boston is within a short drive of some pretty great locations. You can visit lakes, rivers, mountains, and other natural wonders all within a short drive from home. Whether you decide to rent a cabin or go camping, a day trip can be a great way to recharge without spending too much money. You can determine the safety of a location by how busy it is and the ability you have to socially distance. You’d be surprised how many great options you’ll find.


Start New Camping Traditions

Camping is a great choice because it’s easy to social distance and you’re getting all the benefits from the outdoors. You can choose a variety of sceneries whether you opt for the deep woods or some serene lake locale. If you have camping equipment you can pitch your tent. Otherwise you can take an RV or visit one of the campgrounds that specialize in glamping for a more glamorous camping experience.


Rent a Boat

Like an RV, another great option could be renting a boat. You could rent a boat to spend the day on the lake and camp at night or you could choose a larger boat that offers sleeping quarters and experience houseboat living during your vacation. This would be a great option for people that loves water skiing, fishing, and other on-the-water activities.


Rent a House

Instead of a hotel stay, consider using Airbnb or one of the many vacation home rental companies. These companies allow you to rent homes for a short period of time in most cities across the country. You can decide where you want to go, and you’ll have the freedom to enjoy the whole house to yourself. This is one of the safest options if you’re planning to stay in another city, away from home.


Are you road trippin’ this summer? Let us know where you’re headed in the comments!


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