$25 Gift Certificates for $3!
Now through today, use promo code HEART to get $25 certificates for $3! (The promo code will also work for other amount as well, if you’d rather!)

This is a great price and a great deal for a Valentine’s dinner or any dinner really!

Make sure you read the terms of each individual restaurant before you buy though. Typically you need to meet a minimum before you can use your voucher (For example, must spend $50, or must spend $35, food only) but the terms are easy to find before you buy. 20% gratuity is added into the bill automatically.

I’ve always had a positive experience with and I had a to exchange vouchers before due to restaurant closings, and it was really easy and quick. I didn’t even have to pick up the phone to call customer service and could do the switch all online.

I love using when I feel like exploring a new restaurant in Boston without spending too much money. Have you used before? What is your favorite restaurant to eat at?!

*Also, don’t forget to use your Ebates or Shop At Home account to save even more!

This post contains affiliate links, please see my disclosure policy here. $25 Gift Certificates for $3!
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