Shaw's Monopoly Game 2019 Rare Game PiecesAre you looking for the rare game pieces for the 2019 Monopoly game at Shaw’s?

The Monopoly Game is back with over $250 million in prizes and money saving offers. Game tickets are distributed until May 7, 2019 or when all tickets are gone. You will also have until May 28, 2019 to claim your prize(s) at the customer service desk, but online game entries must be entered by May 17, 2019.

Every time you shop at Shaw’s, Star Market, or another participating store you will receive a game ticket at checkout. Look for BONUS items to receive even more game tickets from your shopping trip.

Keep in mind that the game is available at over 2000+ stores in 34 different states (Shaw’s, Star Market, Albertsons, Safeway, Jewel Osco, Acme Markets, and many more) with over ONE BILLION tickets created. Chances of winning are slim so I wouldn’t recommend buying more than you ordinary would just for game pieces.

Below is a list of (suspected) rare game pieces for the Monopoly board. This information is compiled from human players and may not be 100% accurate, but will give you a good idea of what others may have.

The big prizes will have two rare pieces needed but the piece in bold is that harder suspected piece to find, but some pieces are still unknown.

Please leave a comment below if you suspect an error or have an improvement on the list. Thank you!

$1 Million Cash: 335CI, 336DI
$1,000,000 Vacation Home: 341CJ, 343EJ
$100,000 Cash/Boat: 394BW, 397EW
$30,000 Pair of Jet Skis: 398AX, 401DX
$25,000 Home Theater: 403AY, 404BY
$20,000 College Tuition: 408AZ, 411DZ
$10,000 Cash: 416A$, 417A$
$7,500 Family Vacation: 419B#, 420C#
$5,000 Cash: 302BA
$2,000 Fandango Movies for a Year: 315CD
$1,000 Cash: 318BE
$500 Portable Grill & Groceries: 327CG
$300 Wireless Headphones: 391CV
$5,000 Groceries: 308DB
$2,000 309AC
$1,000 Grocery Gift Card: 321AF
$500 Grocery Gift Card: 332DH
$200 Family Picnic: 388DU
$100 Grocery Gift Card: 381AT
$50 Grocery Gift Card: 374BR
$25 Grocery Gift Card: 372DQ
$10 Grocery Gift Card: 358BN
$5 Grocery Gift Card: 351CL
$100 Cash: 379CS
$25 Cash: 365AP
$20 Cash: 362BO
$10 Cash: 353AM
$5 Cash: 348DK

Please feel free leave comments below about the rare or semi-rare pieces ONLY as it’s very easy to find the other pieces not mentioned here.

If you shop at Shaw’s or Star Market regularly (or even just a few times) you should get all the common pieces by games end, so please don’t leave comments on this post for common pieces, as everyone will have those.

Also, please use caution and do some due-diligence about other rare pieces as this is a public website and PLEASE do not leave your private information here.

For more information about the Monopoly Game, chances of winning, game rules, and more, please head here.

Good luck!

Do you play the Monopoly game? Or do you feel like it’s not worth the effort?