- Happy Pi Day to someone who doesn't seem nearly as interested in math when we're dividing up the lunch bill.

Happy (almost) Pi Day! This Pi Day is especially awesome because the date is the first 5 digits of Pi, 3.1415 so yeah… awesome, right?

Here are a few Pi Day deals and specials in Boston and Cambridge to help you celebrate!

Salvatore’s: Enjoy Italian Flatbread Pizzas at the bar from 12-5pm for $3.14 at all five locations!

Petsi Pies: Stop into Petsi Pies at 9:26am on 3.14.15 for their annual competition. If you can verbally receive 10 digits of Pi, you can receive a free a free cutie pie. However, the more digits you can recite, you may be able to score a bigger piece of pie! Good luck!

Beacon Hill Hotel & Bistro: Stop into the Beacon Hill Bistro from 7:30am to 10am for a slice of pie for $3.14 on 3.14.15!

Charles Hotel: The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square will be offering 31.4% off the best hotel rates with a flash sale the day before on 3.13 from 9am to 5pm for travel dates of 3/14 to 5/11 for 31.4% discount.

Please let me know if I missed any great deals or discounts for Pi Day this year in Boston!

Happy (almost) Pi Day!


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