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The Patriots are travelling to Philadelphia for an afternoon game against the Eagles. The Eagles are doing well this season, as are the Patriots, so you should see a good game. That said, most Patriots fans are preparing for another win! If you’re not heading out to the stadium, you’ll need CBS to watch the game from the comforts of your couch. If you don’t have cable and a digital antenna isn’t installed, you can watch the Patriots vs Eagles live stream online for free!


Date/Time: Sunday, November 17, 2019 at 4:25 p.m. ET

Channel: CBS

Watch Online: fuboTV


Watch the Browns vs Patriots Live Stream with fuboTV

Patriots vs Eagles Live Stream: How to Watch Live for Free

In Boston, fuboTV offers CBS, which means you have an easy way to watch the Patriots vs Eagles live stream! All you need to do is sign up for your free one-week trial, which is your opportunity to watch the Browns vs Patriots for free! If you cancel during the trial, there’s no fee to worry about. If you keep the service, the first month is $45. The first month is discounted. The regular price of $55/month begins in the second month.

As your trial comes to an end, fuboTV will remind you in case you want to cancel before you pay for anything. While the trial is in full swing, you’ll be able to watch everything for free. This includes other NFL games on NBC, CBS, NESN, and other channels. If you love sports, this is a way to watch multiple sporting events for free.

Along with tons of live TV, you’ll have everything available in the on-demand library. If you like using a variety of apps, there are several TV Everywhere apps that you can use with your fuboTV account. You’ll also have a cloud-based DVR where you can save shows that you can’t watch live.

Streaming can be done on most popular streaming devices. You’ll be able to get the Patriots vs Eagles live stream on Roku, computers, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, Apple TV, mobile devices (iOS and Android), and more!

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Other Ways to Watch Patriots vs Eagles Online Free

In the Boston area, you have your pick of streaming services that offer a CBS live stream. These services all offer a free trial that lasts for one-week. This gives you a bit of time to watch some free TV before keeping or cancelling your subscription. Your streaming options include:

If you were to keep any of these services, your cheapest option would be CBS All Access, which is $6 per month. The other services start at $45-$50 per month depending on the service. Some of these services offer larger packages that cost more, as well. Of course, if you intend to cancel before the end of the trial, you don’t need to worry about cost at all!


Can I Watch the New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles Online with NFL Game Pass?

If you’re looking for the Patriots vs Eagles live stream, you won’t be able to use NFL Game Pass. Despite NFL Game Pass being the official NFL streaming service, they do not offer regular season games in a live stream format. All games for the entire season are added to the on-demand library after they go off the air. So, if you are good with watching the games at your leisure, you can sign up for the NFL Game Pass free trial. If you want a live stream though, you’ll want to consider one of the other services mentioned here.

Our NFL Streaming guide can tell you more about streaming NFL games without breaking the bank!