Panera Cares

It’s funny, I was just thinking about Panera Cares this morning and wondering when they would open. Then I logged onto twitter, and read this article and learned Panera Cares Boston was opening today! Good timing.

Panera Cares Boston is the fifth non-profit restaurant opened by Panera Bread and is located in Government Center at 3 Center Plaza. If you are not familiar with the Panera Cares concept, Panera Cares allows patrons to pay what they can afford.

There are no cash registers at Panera Cares in Government Center. Simply stop in, order what you like, and pay what you can. There will be bins with suggested donations for customers to donate. If you don’t have it, you don’t need to pay anything. However, if you have a little extra, consider paying a little more to help someone who can’t.

Panera Cares is a great way to pay-it-forward and help out the community. I’m really looking forward to stopping in and paying it forward when I can.