Have you been waiting to get your license since March? Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles announced that they’ll be resuming road tests for those looking to get their license.

The RMV is contacting customers to reschedule appointments that were scheduled from March through May but were canceled due to COVID-19. Unfortunately, new license applicants will have to wait until all canceled appointments have been rescheduled.

If you were hoping to take the test in your car, unfortunately, new safety protocols prohibit that. All tests will be taken in a driving school or state vehicles and will be sanitized following each prospective driver’s test.

That said, the RMV is permitting teens to take an at-home version of the learner’s permit test, instead of coming into the RMV. To make an appointment, you must go to a registry service center. From there, you’ll have 60 days to take the online test for it to be considered valid.

One thing to consider is that only ten RMV locations are open: Boston/Haymarket, Brockton, Lawrence, Fall River, Pittsfield, Plymouth, Springfield, and Worcester.  These locations are by appointment only.