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Starting the new year with Covid-19 has been dreadful for all of us. We have spent most of our time locked up indoors and without much socializing. Moreover, Netflix can only take us so far. The coronavirus pandemic has put a dent in social and academic events. Are you interested in learning and engaging in exciting storytelling, art, music, and STEM field related events? Are you looking for exciting and fulfilling virtual events? Then look no further. The Boston Museum of Science (MOS) is launching a series of virtual after-hours events for adults in 2021. 

The museum is showcasing an array of events covering several different fields. Do you want a storytelling event, a music performance, a meditation session, or a cosmic exploration? The MOS offers all of the above. The events also feature Isabel Wilkerson, a Pulitzer-Prize winning author of Caste as a speaker. 

These after-hours programs cover education, science, culture, art, entertainment, and personal experiences. You can expect to be fully encapsulated and experience a sense of catharsis through these events. 

So, why not have an entertaining and fulfilling 2021? Purchase MOS’s winter and spring lineup tickets at

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Give MOS Boston a chance to captivate and entertain your 2021 with exciting and thought-provoking events. MOS is offering plenty of diverse events throughout the year. The museum has activities lined up for January, February, March, April, and May. 

Some of the events include a live music performance by award-winning composer Keith Patchel, and cosmic exploration with the Event Horizon Telescope, and much more. It also includes insightful events with award-winning authors like Angela Saini about her book Superior: The Return of Race Science. 

The events cover a wide range of diverse topics. You can even join the museum’s seasonal book club and discuss exciting sci-fi books. So, if you are looking to spend your after hours with new, exciting, and thoughtful events then we recommend purchasing MOS event tickets. 

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MOS Boston Launches Virtual Events For Adults In 2021
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