Mos at Home 2021

Now that it’s the second week of January, many of us have already broke our New Years Resolutions and are looking for anything that we haven’t streamed on Netflix yet. But a Boston staple is here to help.

The MOS (Museum of Science) at Home service offers a variety of entertainment, education, and more all at your fingertips. The site offers topics appealing to people of all ages. Whether it’s simply knowledge you seek or pure fascination with the world of science MOS at Home has you covered.While more families are together at home, MOS at Home can engage everyone in the household. With such variety, these educational services can expand knowledge while providing more quality family time.

MOS at home can also be a career seminar of sorts. There are many videos/promos available to enhance or even facilitate one’s passion. Building a small boat that can float may be the beginning of a life in Engineering while interest in Sonar and space could bring you to the front doors of NASA.

Workshops for kids are available in many areas. These workshops offer a hands on approach rather than the textbooks and quizzes that are all to common. There are thousands of professions in Science and it’s never too late to begin or further your career.

Give MOS at Home a Try 

Join Museum educators for fun, live stream presentations for the entire family. Experience your favorite exhibits from a different look, and see what’s in the works at the museum such as the Arctic Adventure: and it’s engineering and technology workshop.

With the unpredictability of the next few months, it is more important than ever to enhance quality time with the family while keeping your mind sharp and focused. Learning new things, reading, and writing will all help our neuro synapses. MOS at Home offers a plentiful of resources to help expand our mind and really appreciate the world of science from the comfort of your own home. 

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