Money Saving Tips

*Every Monday throughout 2014 I will be sharing Money Savings Tips to help stick to and expand your budget!


Guess what? If you are going over your budget to get it, you don’t need it. You don’t need it. You don’t need it.

Do not buy it.

As today is Cyber Monday and I will probably tease you with a few super hot deals, I just wanted to remind you if it’s over your budget or you have a tight budget than don’t buy it. You don’t need it.

Also, super hot deals come and go, so if you miss something, don’t try to stress about it. Something else will come along.

However, if you have room in your budget or still need some gifts at great prices, take advantage of the super hot deals! That’s what we budgeted for and made a list a few weeks ago.

However, as super amazing deals come up across the holiday season, please make sure you are sticking to your budget. If not, why did you even make a holiday budget?

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