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Shopping online is a great way to save money on large and small purchases. Although I don’t think every purchase is better bought online, there are also many purchases that are.

My husband and I bought a (major) fixer upper and are doing major repair on the house. Although we buy a lot of purchases in-store, there are also many purchases that are better bought online.

For example, we picked out flooring we liked in-store, waited for the floor to go on-sale, and then bought online.

Yes, the price was the exact same in-store. However, there was one major advantage of shopping online: more deals. Promo codes and cashback sites are discounts we can receive online and can’t receive in-store.

There were no online promo codes available for the store we wanted to go through; however, we logged into a cashback website before making our large flooring purchase.

As you can see from my cashback account history below I earned $77.27 back just for logging into my account before I made my purchase. That’s it. It may have taken me all of 60 seconds.

Shop At Home Cashback

If you are not familiar with cashback websites like Ebates and Shop At Home, you basically create an account and sign in before you make an online purchase. Simply search for the store you want and see if they participate. Many stores do, but not every store does.

Cashback amounts can range (and change) but are usually around 3-5% cashback on purchases. You just need to click a link from the cashback site to your store of choice. Once you are redirected to the store, start shopping!

You should receive an e-mail after your purchase stating how much you received in your account. Every cashback site is a little different, but typically you can redeem your cashback quarterly either by check, paypal or another payment.

Shopping online and using cashback sites and promo codes can be a great way to save money! It’s also a very easy  to do. I saved over $75 by buying the flooring I wanted at home and logging into my Shop At Home account first. Obviously this was such a large purchase, which was why my savings were so much. However, it definitely adds up over time for smaller purchases that you are going to buy anyway.

There are so many cashback sites, but my favorites are Ebates and Shop At Home.

Do you have any money saving tips when it comes to shopping online? Do you use cashback sites to save on big and small purchases? What was your largest cashback check?

*Disclosure: Both cashback sites have refer-a-friend programs, and I included my referral links in this post. If you sign-up with my referral link I will receive $5 in my account. Thank you.


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