*Money Making Money is a Boston on Budget ongoing series during the holiday season to give simple ways to make money online and more. None of the suggestions will make you rich but hopefully cover a holiday gift or two. All suggestions are personally used and recommended by me.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk (or MTurk) is a service from Amazon where you complete simple tasks for small payment. Tasks range from taking surveys, uploading videos, writing articles, searching in search engines, and much more. Each task pays differently and ranges from a .01 and upward.

Mturk is definitely not going to make you rich and is not for everyone. It is really easy tasks so it can be a little boring for not much return. However, the nice thing about Mturk is that payment can be transferred to your Amazon account, so you can put money towards holiday gifts. Also, you will receive payment very quickly so you can start making (and redeeming) money right away!

If you already have an Amazon account, you don’t need to create a separate account. (I created an account awhile ago, but I think this is still the case).

I did a solid hour of work to see how much I’d make with Mturk, and I definitely made less than minimum wage for an hour of my time. I only used Mturk “to check it out” but I may use it in the future if I’m tight on cash or looking for something to do.

Mturk certainly won’t make you rich; however, if you have more time than money or need money quick, Mturk is a nice option.

To check out Amazon’s Mturk, please head here or for more information from a helpful article, please head here.

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