Free rides on the T have come to an end. After months of not collecting fares, starting today, the MBTA will be collecting fares on buses, trolleys at street-level-stops, and the commuter rail.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the MBTA had encouraged riders to board through the back in an effort to socially distance operators and passengers. However, by rear-boarding, passengers did not have to pay fares.

To further protect passengers and drivers, barriers have been installed to support physical distancing. Additionally, more space for riders will be provided given these barriers. All riders are mandated to wear face coverings on MBTA vehicles.

The MBTA has also given drivers permission to bypass stops in an effort to avoid overcrowding on buses and trains.

While the free rides are over, the MBTA has put in place a new flex pass program. The 5-day pass has been available since July 1st, and costs between $21.60 – $119.25.

By purchasing the flex pass, you’re able to get five 1-day passes for 10% off compared to round-trip travel. Additionally, day passes will be valid for 24 hours of unlimited travel. These passes are only available on the mTicket app and can be used on commuter rail rides. For more information, check out our post from last month on the Flex Pass here.