It feels like every week there’s a new update to Massachusetts travel regulations. In a new guidance put forth by Governor Baker clarified the initial travel ban to Rhode Island. The updates now require those from Rhode Island to either quarantine for two weeks, or provide evidence of a negative COVID-19 test within three days of arrival.

Officials clarified the original travel guidelines this week. Rhode Island was initially on the safe list of states to travel to, however, given the recent amount of outbreaks and those not complying with social distancing rules, the state has taken a turn for the worse.


It was removed from the list of “lower risk” last week, making it one of the only states near Massachusetts that is not permitted. If you’re heading to Massachusetts from Rhode Island, better take a second look at these updates.

The Updates

  • Self-quarantine for two weeks, or, proof of a negative COVID-19 test taken within three days of arrival in the state
  • Testing can be set up through the Rhode Island website, on

Who’s Exempt:

  • If your travel to Rhode Island is essential, such as school or work, you will be permitted to travel.
  • If you are seeking medical treatment or pharmacies.
  • Religious services, such as funerals, are also permitted along with any outstanding court cases.
  • If you have child custody in Rhode Island you will also be able to travel.