healthcare workers

The union that represents licensed nurses and caregivers who work in Massachusetts state hospitals and group homes recently came to an agreement with the state that will give thousands of healthcare workers raises of as much as $10 an hour effective immediately.  The hazard pay will last throughout the COVID-19 health emergency, until May 30th at minimum.

The hazard pay will affect around 6,500 state healthcare workers. The group consists of those who work in state general health as well as mental health hospitals. It also includes those working in developmental disability group facilities, as well as those who work with youth in custody of the Department of Youth Services.

“The agreement we signed with the state calls these increases ‘pay incentives,’ but we view them primarily as well-deserved recognition for the courage and dedication AFSCME human services professionals are exhibiting on the job every single day and night,” said American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 93 Executive Director Mark Bernard.

Here’s how the deal works. According to union officials, all licensed workers will receive a $10 an hour pay increase. Non-licensed workers will receive a $5 an hour pay increase. On top of this, any worker who has not missed a day since the governor declared the state of emergency will also receive a one-time $500 bonus.