This week, Governor Baker announced the four-phased approach to reopening during his news conference. While health data is trending in a positive direction, Massachusett’s ability to move forward very much hinges on the general public playing their roles.

During his address to the citizens of Massachusetts, Governor Charlie Baker announced a four-phased plan to reopen the economy in Massachusetts. If public health data continues to lean in a positive direction, Governor Baker hopes to begin Phase 1 of the reopening plan on Monday.

Phase 1: Start

According to the Governor’s plan, Phase 1 will allow limited industries to resume operations, however with severe restrictions. These restrictions include an increase in handwashing, social distancing, and telling people with COVID-19 symptoms to stay home from work. More details on Phase 1 standards can be found on the state’s website, here.

Phase 2: Cautious

Phase 2 will continue with the restrictions put into place in Phase 1, but will allow for more industries who have face-to-face operations to reopen their business. These restrictions also include capacity limits to workspaces.

Phase 3: Vigilant

If health data continues to trend positively, in the Vigilant phase, Governor Baker will allow for loosening of some of the restrictions from earlier phases.

Phase 4: New Normal

Something we are all coming to terms with what a new normal will look like for our state. However, this will not happen until a vaccine has been created.

While the introduction of these phases is promising, Governor Baker stated that our ability to move forward on May 18th depends on everyone playing their roles. This includes face coverings, staying at home when you feel sick, washing your hands, using hand sanitizer, staying six feet away from others whenever possible.

When asked about timing, Governor Baker stated that we have to be both “flexible and honest.” The fact of the matter is, these phases could change, depending upon the track the virus takes.

Governor Baker will be addressing the Commonwealth this coming Monday, and provide more updates on Massachusett’s reopening plans.