Massachusetts Abandoned Places - Over 20 Mansions, Factories, Bunkers, Ghost Towns Near You in Boston, MA

Massachusetts Abandoned Places – Over 20 Mansions, Factories, Bunkers, Ghost Towns Near You in Boston, MA

Despite being known for its high population density, Massachusetts harbors its fair share of forgotten and derelict locations. These hidden gems offer an adventurous experience infused with mystery and excitement. From “abandoned mansions near me” to “abandoned factories near me”, the experience of exploring these forgotten places will surely be memorable. Moreover, delving into these abandoned sites in Massachusetts can provide a captivating glimpse into the region’s rich history.

If you’re seeking the finest destinations to explore, you’ve come to the right place! We have curated a selection of the most thrilling and captivating abandoned places in MA, tailor-made for adventurous souls. So buckle up and prepare for an unforgettable road trip with the help of our list of Massachusetts Abandoned Places.

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Massachusetts Abandoned Places - Over 20 Mansions, Factories, Bunkers, Ghost Towns Near You in Boston, MA

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Massachusetts Abandoned Places – Greater Boston Area

Metropolitan State Hospital

Massachusetts abandoned places - Metropolitan State Hospital

Image credit: EhsanBorn24

Hidden away in the outskirts of Massachusetts lies the haunting remnants of the Metropolitan State Hospital. At one time, it was the largest and most modern facility of its type in the area.

Like many mental hospitals of its time, it had a controversial history. It was said to be the site of numerous abuses and neglect, and many patients were subjected to electroshock therapy, lobotomies, and other experimental treatments. However, it was also one of the first hospitals to use occupational therapy, recreational therapy, and other innovative methods of treatment. And these paved the way for modern mental health care.

Now, intrepid urban explorers and history enthusiasts venture into this ghostly place, hoping to catch a glimpse of the past and unravel the mysteries that linger in the shadows of Metropolitan State Hospital.

Address: 475 Trapelo Rd, Waltham, MA 02452
Driving Time: Around 30 minutes

Medfield State Hospital

Massachusetts abandoned places - Medfield State Hospital

Image credit: Metropolitan Area Planning Council

This hospital was the state’s first facility for dealing with chronic mental patients. At its height, the hospital had a capacity of 2,200 patients and included 58 buildings on a property of some 1.4 square miles. The hospital even raised its own livestock and produce. It generated its own heat, light, and power. However, in 2003, due to a declining number of patients and rising costs, the place shut down.

The grounds have since been restored, however, and are now a popular spot for hiking, biking, and fishing.

Address: 1 Stonegate Dr, Medfield, MA 02052
Driving Time: Around 40 minutes

Bunker Hill Naval Shipyard

This shipyard was one of the most important shipbuilding and repair facilities in the United States during the 19th and early 20th centuries. It was decommissioned in 1996 and is now a National Historical Park. It’s also home to a number of historic buildings, including the Charlestown Navy Yard Museum, the Bunker Hill Monument, and the USS Constitution.

Address: 36 1st Ave, Boston, MA 02129
Driving Time: Around 15 minutes

Suffolk County Jail

Massachusetts abandoned places - Suffolk County Jail

Image credit: David Coviello

The Suffolk County Jail is one of the said haunted abandoned places in Massachusetts because of its long and dark history. It was once used to house prisoners of war during the Civil War and was also the site of several executions. The jail is said to be haunted by the ghosts of former inmates, and there have been reports of paranormal activity at the site.

The buildings, however, are in a state of great disrepair. And it is not safe to enter. If you are going to visit the place, please stay in the outside areas only.

Address: 20 Bradston St, Boston, MA 02118
Driving Time: Around 10 minutes

Weymouth Air Base

Massachusetts abandoned places - Weymouth Air Base

Image credit: smugmug

The Weymouth Air Base was first established as a regular Navy blimp base during World War II. During the postwar era, the base became part of the Naval Air Reserve Training Command. Back then, it hosted a variety of Navy and Marine Corps reserve aircraft squadrons and other types of reserve units.

Now, only parts of it remain open to the public. The two control towers which have remained standing over the years are some pretty cool abandoned buildings in MA to explore.

Address: 10 Patriot Pkwy, Weymouth, MA 02190
Driving Time: Around 30 minutes

Massachusetts Abandoned Places – North Shore

Fort Ruckman

Massachusetts abandoned places - Fort Ruckman

Image credit: John Stanton

Fort Ruckman was built in 1904-1907 and covered an area of about 45 acres. It was used during World War I, World War II, and the Cold War. After that, it was abandoned in 1962. Explorers who venture inside are greeted by a desolate scene, with crumbling barracks, rusted artillery, and overgrown vegetation adding to the eerie atmosphere. However, now, it is privately owned.

Address: Nahant, MA 01908
Driving Time: Around 30 minutes

Danvers State Hospital

Massachusetts abandoned places - Danvers State Hospital

Image credit: Joe Paru

If you’re searching for “abandoned places near me” in Boston, one place you shouldn’t miss is the Danvers State Hospital. It was one of the largest and most progressive mental hospitals in the country at the time of its opening. However, the hospital’s reputation declined in the 20th century, as it became overcrowded and underfunded.

In addition to that, the hospital was also the site of several high-profile scandals, including allegations of patient abuse and neglect. It was also known for its harsh treatment methods, including straitjackets, lobotomies, and electroshock therapy. So you’re sure to find an interesting yet eerie atmosphere surrounding the place. If you’re brave enough, feel free to check it out.

Address: 450 Maple St, Danvers, MA 01923
Driving Time: Around 30 minutes

Dogtown Common

Massachusetts abandoned places - Dogtown Common

Image credit: roadtripnewengland

If you’re looking up “abandoned town Massachusetts,” one of the first names that would pop up on lists is the Dogtown Common. It was once a thriving settlement in the 17th century. And it got its name after the large number of feral dogs that roamed the area.

At its peak, it housed over 200 people. However, the town fell into disrepair and was eventually abandoned in the 19th century. Now, it’s empty and desolate. Legends of witchcraft and ghostly apparitions also add an extra layer of intrigue to this desolate landscape. And this makes it the hotspot for history buffs and adventure seekers looking to unlock the secrets of this abandoned gem.

Address: Dogtown Rd, Gloucester, MA 01930
Driving Time: Around 1 hour

Bakers Island Lighthouse

Massachusetts abandoned places - Bakers Island Lighthouse

Image credit: Bakers Island Light Station

Nestled on a small island off the coast of Salem, this abandoned lighthouse exudes an eerie charm that draws in all kinds of adventurers. Built-in the late 1700s, the lighthouse guided countless ships through treacherous waters for over a century. However, the lighthouse was automated in 1972 and the keeper’s quarters were abandoned.

Now, it’s one of the abandoned buildings in Massachusetts open for tours. And it’s known for its beautiful views of Salem Sound.

Address: Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 01944
Driving Time: Around 40 minutes

Marblehead Coastal Defense Battery

The Marblehead Coastal Defense Batter or Fort Glover was built in 1775 during the American Revolutionary War to guard the beach and the Marblehead Neck causeway. It was rebuilt several times over the years, but it was finally abandoned in 1917. The ruins of the fort can still be seen on Riverhead Beach. With its overgrown vegetation and dilapidated gun emplacements, exploring this place would be like stepping back in time.

Address: Marblehead, MA 01945
Driving Time: Around 45 minutes

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Massachusetts Abandoned Places – South Shore

Quincy Quarries

Massachusetts abandoned places - Quincy Quarries

Image credit: Austin Porter

The Quincy Quarries were once a major source of granite for construction projects throughout the Boston area, including the Bunker Hill Monument. Now, it’s a playground for urban explorers and thrill seekers looking for the coolest Massachusetts abandoned places.

While exploring the Quincy Quarries, you can navigate through hidden tunnels and climb the granite walls. You can also explore the various graffiti art that have been collected over the years.

Address: Ricciuti Dr, Quincy, MA 02169
Driving Time: Around 20 minutes

Duxbury Pacifier Tree

Massachusetts abandoned places - Duxbury Pacifier Tree

Image credit: Joshuasofaer

The Duxbury Pacifier Tree was a large oak tree in Duxbury, Massachusetts that was a popular spot for parents to leave their old baby pacifiers. The tree became so full of pacifiers that it eventually collapsed under the weight. The tree was removed in 2016, but the tradition of leaving pacifiers in Duxbury continues. And people can still leave their pacifiers on a nearby park bench.

Address: Temple St, Duxbury, MA 02332
Driving Time: Around 40 minutes

Taunton State Hospital

Massachusetts abandoned places - Taunton State Hospital

Image credit: Abandoned America

If you’re in Massachusetts and looking for “abandoned places to explore near me,” you shouldn’t miss out on the Taunton State Hospital. It was once one of the largest and most important mental health facilities in the state. But now, it lies in ruins.

The hospital’s main building is a massive, three-story structure that is said to be haunted by the spirits of former patients and staff. The building is filled with old furniture, medical equipment, and other detritus, and the hallways are often dark and eerily quiet. And the grounds are also home to a number of other abandoned buildings, including a chapel, a morgue, and a laundry facility.

Address: 60 Hodges Ave, Taunton, MA 02780
Driving Time: Around 50 minutes

Freetown-Fall River State Forest

Massachusetts abandoned places - Freetown-Fall River State Forest

Image credit: Chris Pittman

When it comes to haunted abandoned places in Massachusetts 2023, one place you should definitely check out is the Freetown-Fall River State Forest. Behind its beautiful paths and sunny clearings, this forest holds a dark secret.

Part of the Bridgewater Triangle, the forest is said to be haunted by ghosts, UFOs, and other paranormal entities. Visitors to the forest have reported seeing strange lights, hearing unexplained noises, and feeling uneasy. It has also been the site of many tragedies and murders giving its dark reputation a boost. Whatever you believe is here, you have to brace yourself.

Address: 110 Slab Bridge Rd, Assonet, MA 02702
Driving Time: Around 1 hour and 15 minutes

Paul A. Dever State School

Massachusetts abandoned places - Paul A. Dever State School

Image credit:

If you’re brave enough to check out one of the most haunted abandoned places in Massachusetts, then head on over to the Paul A. Dever State School. When it was first built, it was used as a mental asylum. Then, in World War II, it housed German POWs. After that, it became a mental rehabilitation center.

Now, it looks like a building from a zombie movie. The place is in ruins and looks like the perfect spot for any horrific sightings.

Address: Taunton, MA 02780
Driving Time: Around 1 hour

Massachusetts Abandoned Places – Cape Cod and Islands

Fort Independence

The fort was built in the 1630s and has been used for a variety of purposes over the years, including as a prison, a military barracks, and a training ground. It was last used by the military in the 1940s and has been abandoned since then. Now, it’s a popular spot for tours, hiking, and sightseeing. It’s also a popular spot for ghost hunters who believe it’s one of the haunted abandoned places in Massachusetts haunted by its former occupants.

Address: 2010 William J Day Blvd, Boston, MA 02127
Driving Time: Around 15 minutes

Abandoned Tugboat

The abandoned tugboat in Provincetown, Massachusetts is a rusting hulk that sits on the shore of Cape Cod Bay. It’s believed to be over 100 years old and was once used to help guide ships into Provincetown Harbor. However, it has been abandoned for many years and is now in a state of disrepair. Now, it has become a popular backdrop for weddings and other events.

Address: Commercial St, Provincetown, MA 02657
Driving Time: Around 2 hours

Truro Air Force Base

Massachusetts abandoned places - Truro Air Force Base

Image credit: Gin Minsky

Looking for one of the “abandoned bunkers near me?” The base was located on a remote stretch of land on Cape Cod and was used to detect incoming Soviet bombers. It had two radars that could scan the skies for incoming aircraft. And it was once home to 500 military personnel and civilians. After the cold war, it was closed down. The base is now owned by the National Park Service. For those looking for fascinating abandoned places in MA, to explore, this is one place you shouldn’t skip.

Address: 110 Wilson Blvd, Truro, MA 02652
Driving Time: Around 2 hours

Massachusetts Abandoned Places – West Massachusetts

Belchertown State School

Massachusetts abandoned places - Belchertown State School

Image credit: Matthew Hester

The Belchertown State School was an institution for the developmentally disabled. However, it was known for its poor conditions and inhumane treatment of its residents. In 1972, a class-action lawsuit was filed against the school, and in 1992, it was closed. Now, it serves as a reminder of a dark chapter in the state of Massachusetts. It’s also one of the most haunting abandoned places to visit in Massachusetts.

Address: 6 Berkshire Ave, Belchertown, MA 01007
Driving Time: Around 1 hour and 30 minutes

Mt. Tom Ski Area

The abandoned Mt. Tom Ski area was once a popular spot for hikers and photographers in Holyoke, Massachusetts. However, it ultimately closed down in 1998. Despite its state of disrepair, you should add it to your bucket list if you’re searching for fascinating abandoned places Massachusetts. You can wander through the old buildings, climb the ski lifts, and hike the trails. The area is also a great place to take photos of the surrounding scenery.

Address: Holyoke, MA 01040
Driving Time: Around 2 hours

Hosaac Tunnel

Massachusetts Abandoned Places - Hoosac Tunnel

Image credit: J.W. Ocker

Looking for the spookiest “abandoned places near me?” The tunnel was built between 1851 and 1875 and was the second-longest tunnel in the world at the time of its completion. And it was meant to connect the Fitchburg Railroad to the Boston and Albany Railroad as it allowed trains to bypass the Hoosac Range, a mountain range that had previously blocked the way. However, during its construction, there were tons of accidents and hundreds of men died giving it the nickname of “The Bloody Pit.”

It was finally abandoned in 1958. And today, it has become a hotspot for explorers checking out abandoned places in Massachusetts.

Address: 239 River Rd, Florida, MA 01247
Driving Time: Around 3 hours

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Massachusetts Abandoned Places - Over 20 Mansions, Factories, Bunkers, Ghost Towns Near You in Boston, MA

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Massachusetts Abandoned Places – Central Massachusetts

Worcester State Hospital

Massachusetts abandoned places - Worcester State Hospital

Image credit: Atlasobscura

Searching for “abandon places near me?” The hospital was once one of the largest and most important mental health facilities in the United States. It was known for its progressive treatment methods, which included occupational therapy, music therapy, and art therapy. it even had a school for patients, a farm, and a cemetery. But because of budget cuts, it closed down in 2012. Much like other abandoned hospitals, it’s said to be haunted by the ghosts of former occupants. So, if you’re looking for haunted abandoned places in Massachusetts to explore, this might be a good place to start.

Address: Worcester, MA 01605
Driving Time: Around 50 minutes

Blackstone Canal

The Blackstone Canal was a waterway linking Worcester, Massachusetts, to Providence, Rhode Island, through the Blackstone Valley via a series of locks and canals during the early 19th century. It was a major transportation and economic driver for the Blackstone Valley. But it was eventually replaced by railroads and other modes of transportation.

Parts of it have fallen into disrepair. However, there are still some sections of the canal that have been preserved, and they are popular spots for hiking, biking, and fishing. This is one of the Massachusetts abandoned places that are still a popular site for everyday visits!

Address: Northbridge, MA 01534
Driving Time: Around 1 hour

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