Massachusetts maskTomorrow’s the day: the state-wide order requiring face masks in public goes into effect on May 6th.

Just a few days ago, Governor Charlie Baker signed an executive order which mandates the people of Massachusetts to wear masks in grocery stores, pharmacies, and on public buses and trains. Refuse to wear a mask or cloth face covering? Businesses will now have the authority to deny your entry.

When asked about the decision, Governor Baker said, “I think we all believe that as part of the strategy around some sort of reopening, people are going to need a mask or a face covering if they’re going to be close to people. You can’t always stay six feet away. If everybody’s wearing a mask, it will dramatically reduce the opportunity and possibility of spread.”

Who Has to Wear a Mask?

This order applies to all workers and customers of businesses and other organizations open to the public, such as grocery and retail stores and public transportation. The executive order does not pertain to children under the age of two or anyone who is unable to wear a mask due to medical conditions.

When Do I Have To?

Governor Baker’s order requires people to wear face masks outside when they can’t stay 6 feet away from others. However, places like Somerville are requiring people to always wear a face mask.

What Are The Penalties?

Those who don’t comply with the executive order could face a civil fine up to $300. That said, the Governor is leaving enforcement up to individual cities and towns.


Ah! I Don’t Have a Mask – How Can I Make One?

In need of a face mask? One positive thing is that a face covering is super easy to pull together. Here’s a link to an easy DIY no-sew T-shirt tutorial. All you need is a t-shirt you don’t mind parting with, scissors, something to write with and paper to DIY your own functional face mask.