martins park boston

Just as summer is sprouting in Boston, so is a new playground. Six years after the Boston Marathon bombing and two years after its construction began, Martin’s Park was opened to the public for all to enjoy. Dedicated in honor of Martin Richard, the youngest victim of the tragic event, the park boasts accessibility to all. Looking for a place to bring your kiddos when they’re just too full of energy? Everyone is welcome at this playground for a day of non-stop fun!

Mayor Marty Walsh and Governor Charlie Baker both attended the opening of the park and are excited for it to represent Boston’s spirit. The creativity of the park and the efforts it took to put it together, from the idea itself, to the plans and construction, to all the details that went into the final product, were all due to the cooperation and spirit of the community. The park was officially opened on June 15th with two school choirs and Jane Richard, Martin’s sister, performing songs to the crowd. It’s immediately become one of the best parks for kids in Boston.

After Jane lost her leg in the attack at just six years old, she would watch children play from her wheelchair and dream of being able to have as much fun as the other kids. It was the Richard family’s goal to create an environment for children of any disability to be able to play. This playground includes sensory friendly experiences, wheelchair accessible ramps and platforms, swings, slides, mazes, and a giant wooden pirate ship.

Located in the Seaport District right on the waterfront, children can spend hours playing with other kids while parents can sit back, relax, and enjoy the view. Make the Seaport adventure into a day trip by stopping by the Boston Children’s Museum and the Boston Tea Party Ships right down the street. Or enjoy a quick bite to eat at Starbucks, Shake Shack, or Bon Me, which can also be found around the corner. This area of Boston is booming and has become a center of life in the city. 

From its variety of food, to the free opportunities for entertainment, the Seaport District holds so many options for things to do in Boston on the weekend or any time really. Whether it’s a family day trip or the bustling nightlife, the Seaport has it all.

Start by heading over to Martin’s Park and explore the area for yourself!