Have you been a target of an unemployment scam? Today, Massachusetts officials have warned residents that stolen personal info is being used to file false unemployment claims. This activity is part of a larger, nation-wide scam.

Massachusetts officials are warning residents that people are using stolen personal information to file for fraudulent unemployment claims as part of a national scam. Additionally, many people’s unemployment checks could be delayed as a result.

How Is It Being Done?

According to the chief executive of the California cybersecurity firm Agari, oftentimes, the frauds are using the identities of people who have not been put on unemployment. This way, individuals and employers aren’t likely to instantly notice.

They then are able to have the money sent to prepaid debit cards associated with bank accounts. Once they’ve done so, it can be transferred or exchanged for gift cards, or bitcoin.

What Happened to Massachusetts Specifically?

The Massachusetts Department of Unemployment Assistance recently found a large number of illegitimate unemployment claims through the state’s online portal

Will My Unemployment Check Be Delayed?

Unfortunately, there is a possibility that these checks could be delayed due to verification measures for Massachusetts Residents. If the state has detected fraudulent claims, the wait will potentially be longer receive checks.

What to Do If You Think Someone Is Using Your Identity:

If you believe that someone is using your identity to falsely claim unemployment benefits, officials are urging you do the following:

  • Contact the DUA Customer Service Depart. at (877) 626-6800
  • Submit a Fraud Contact Form on the Mass Gov website here