Despite the government-enacted PPP loans being handed out to small businesses across the nation, millions of people continue to lose their jobs. With businesses unable to operate amidst the pandemic, they’ve been forced to lay off workers with the uncertainty that they will be able to bring them back in the future. Laid off workers now worry about their future and have to consider the possibility of finding new work. In this day and age, more and more jobs are automated. That’s why Udacity, an online education platform, focuses on teaching adults critical tech skills for the jobs of the future.

Furthermore, the platform will be offering  free tech training in Boston to all those workers laid off during the COVID-19 pandemic. CEO Gabe Dalporto says, “At the moment, what’s coming next in their professional lives remains unclear for far too many. To help address this, Udacity is pleased to offer free access to our nanodegree programs for a month to anyone interested in learning critical skills for today’s in-demand careers.”

To that point, a “nanodegree” serves as proof of completion of an Udacity online course. An average price to receive a nanodegree is approximately $400/month. Degrees take about four to six months to complete. Additionally, “Udacity is awarding 5,000 challenge scholarships and 1,000 nanodegree scholarships to eligible applicants under this program.”, according to a statement on the company’s website. The free tech lessons are not only available to laid off workers. Any individual can enroll for free in a nanodegree program and receive the first month free when they sign up for a monthly subscription.


Laid Off Workers Now Have Silver Lining with Free Tech Training

Therefore, as many workers unfortunately find themselves laid off, they can still use their open time wisely. By enrolling in an Udacity program, workers can better themselves by learning new skills. For example, the learning platform offers courses in many fields. Learn skills like programming, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and much more. Laid off workers will be more prepared to re-enter the workforce after completing an Udacity course.

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