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Stop! Don’t pay that SAT prep tutor because Kaplan just came out with an enormous promo code where you can get their 6 month SAT prep course for free (regularly $99)! If you or someone you know is taking the SAT, this is a freebie you can’t afford to pass up.

When you use discount code KAPFRIENDS at checkout, you can the entire 6 months of SAT prep at no cost, but this deal isn’t going to last forever so get it now while it’s still available until January 31st.


Why Use Kaplan?

Kaplan’s SAT Prep On-Demand Course offers small lessons designed for studying 30 minutes a day. You can watch them all day any day whenever you need to. These bite-sized lessons can be used over the course of 6 months for students to gain the skills and strategies they need to succeed on the big test.

Using Kaplan can earn you maximum points on the SAT. SAT experts teach you the correct subject matter and plans for success. The lessons are focused only on the content that will be on the test, so there’s no wasted time.


What’s Included

Kaplan is the leader in SAT prep, and their on-demand course is loaded with great features:

• An expert-led course that only takes about 30 minutes a day and can be watched any time on demand

• 50+ instructional videos that cover test content, strategy, and more in great detail

• More than 1,000 practice questions to prep students for the big test

• Quizzes throughout each lesson to ensure mastery of the subject matter

• Full access for 6 months free with code KAPFRIENDS


Kaplan’s 3-step motto is “Learn it, Drill it, Prove it,” and normally they’d offer a money-back guarantee on their $99 6-month SAT prep course, but with this discount code you don’t need it. Just click here and use discount code KAPFRIENDS at checkout to get the program totally free now through January 31st.

Good luck studying kiddos!