id tech summer campWith so many changes happening every day, it can be difficult to predict what the future will look like – particularly when it comes to jobs and the economy. Does your child have what it takes to succeed in tomorrow’s economy? We might not know what the future holds, but as robotics, AI, the internet, and mobile technologies continue to change the world, one thing is clear: kids need a solid foundation in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics if they are to succeed in the future. If you want to give your child every advantage possible when it comes to preparing them for future success, iD Tech summer camps are just the camp for you and your child.

iD Tech offers week-long programs for both day campers and overnight campers between the ages of 7 and 19. At these camps, kids can learn STEM skills ranging from coding, software development, robotics and machine design, 3D printing, artificial intelligence, and more. Campers complete their own projects which include everything from creating simple video games and 3D models to programming full-on virtual worlds or Minecraft mods.

Classes are kept small at iD Tech summer camps with just 5 to 10 students per instructor to ensure that every camper gets the individualized education and practice they need to succeed.

iD Tech is known worldwide for its leading summer STEM camps and programs, having taught 400,000 students since 1999 at 150 prestigious campus locations. Here in the greater Boston area, iD Tech camps are held at Bentley University, Curry College, and Lasell College.

Don’t let summer be a time of wasted days spent in front of the TV or waiting listlessly outside for school to start back up. Use these precious months to get a leg up on the school year and the future by enrolling in an iD Tech summer camp.

You can save $75 on registration by downloading their online brochure!

For more information visit iD Tech’s official website or Facebook page.


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