In advance of anticipated passenger volume, the MBTA stated that beginning June 21, they will increase service for subway routes and add service for bus routes.

While the MBTA decreased service during the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic in March, they stated that service will pick back up beginning June 21.

To note, commuter rail and ferries will continue on a restricted weekday service. Check the MBTA website for all updates.

As Massachusetts continues its reopening phases, it’s anticipated that more people will be riding the T and using it to travel, either to work or restaurants that are open.

In an effort to prepare for an influx of riders, the MBTA will continue to disinfect high-traffic areas, along with using electrostatic decontamination on buses. The rail trains will also be sanitized at least once a day, sometimes twice.

According to the press release, the T will “continue disinfecting high-traffic and high-touch areas, as well as using electrostatic decontamination on buses every two weeks, and in any vehicle operated by an employee who tested positive for COVID-19.”

We’ve got your list of updates below, effective June 21:

  • Blue Line: regular weekday service, trains every 5-9 minutes
  • Orange Line: increased weekday service, trains every 6-9 minutes
  • Red Line (Alewife/JFK/UMass): increased weekday service, trains every 4.5 – 7 minutes
  • Red Line (Ashmont and Braintree): increased weekday service, trains every 9-14 minutes
  • Green Line: increased weekday service, trains every 6-11 minutes
  • Bus: increased Saturday schedule on weekdays for 60 routes, focusing service on high-demand routes
  • Ferry: Limited weekday Hingham/Hull and Charlestown service
  • Commuter Rail: Increased service
  • Mattapan: increased weekday service, trolleys every 5-12 minutes
  • The RIDE: full service