Everyone knows the classic tale of revenge, romance, and tragedy from William Shakespeare in his play, Hamlet. Coming to life at the Gloucester Stage this month, catch this classic literature performance with a schedule tailored to better immerse local Greater Boston-area students and young adults into old English classics. Plus, we’ll tell you how you can save big on tickets!

Whether you’re familiar with the story of Hamlet or not, fall deep into an appreciation of Shakespeare’s encapsulating words. The unusual story starts with Hamlet meeting his father’s ghost, who informs this prince that his very own brother, Claudius, was his murderer. The story spirals as we learn that Hamlet’s mother, Gertrude, has been taken by Claudius to be his queen, and Hamlet goes out to see his revenge. This performance has been considered to be one of the most influential works of world literature and Shakespeare’s longest play.

The story of Hamlet and his journey of struggling with self-doubt, ethical and philosophical issues, and his deep cold-blooded desires have been loved by generations around the world.

Christopher V. Edwards, Artistic Director of Actors’ Shakespeare Project, makes his grand debut at the Gloucester Stage with William Shakespeare’s Hamlet during November.

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Hamlet will be on stage now through November 17th, so you’re running out of time to see the show! According to the theater’s website, “Public performances are limited to weekends, and Cape Ann nights Wednesday 6th and 13th, with student matinees weekdays.”

The Gloucester Stage Company is located at 267 East Main St., Gloucester, MA 01930.