It has been a rough few weeks but we can always rely on Gronk and Kostek to make us smile!

To lend a hand during the COVID-19 Crisis, Rob Gronkowski and partner Camille Kostek have donated 20,000 masks to hospitals in Boston and New Jersey. This contribution will be a huge help to the doctors and nurses working during the corona virus outbreak.

The masks will be split half way between the Boston Medical Center and St Josephs Healthcare Network in New Jersey, according to NBC Sports. It is especially important that aide is given to these cities because they are among those getting hit the hardest.

In a sweet note sent from the famous couple to St. Joseph’s, Gronkowski and Kostek included in their donation a heartfelt thank the many physicians for their hard work and dedication. “Thank you to the heroes of this crisis for putting yourselves and your family — and everything that you do — on the line to help the wellbeing of the people in our nation.” They also reported how difficult it was for them to get ahold of masks to donate to the hospitals and “into the hands of people that need them.”

Hopefully this positivity and generosity will encourage others to donate. Most importantly, this should serve as a reminder to stay home! Hospital workers and health professionals have to work for days on end because of the many sick people. Staying home helps prevent the spread of COVID – 19 so please practice social distancing!

Wash your hands, sanitize and use your toilet paper wisely!