hooked on phonics Have children learning to read in your household? Hooked on Phonics is providing a great deal to help your kids learn to read and is offering your first month for $1. The program, which teaches critical reading skills, can be accessed via phone, tablet or computer and you can register up to three children on your account.

The program is designed to build children’s self-esteem while also being fun and engaging. With each session taking twenty minutes or less, your kids will be engaged the entire time. The program provides tons of resources: you can learn by watching more than 100 videos and practice those learnings with more than 275 interactive games.

So what do you get with each membership?

  • Access to the Learn to Read app
  • Workbooks that direct you through each step
  • Two or three books specifically written to reinforce the lessons learned online
  • Discussion questions about each book
  • Celebration stickers to reward reading milestones
  • Tips & Ideas on how to continue learning at home


The Hooked On Phonics guarantee is that your child will start reading within 30 days – if you’re ready to give this a try for $1 for your first month visit HookedOnPhonics.com. After your first month, the future subscription period will be billed at $12.99/month plus shipping. However, you can cancel at any time without further obligation.