Are you still one of the many who need to renew their Massachusetts license? The Massachusetts RMV is urging customers to renew licenses online and if so, you can upgrade to a REAL ID for free.

If you’re eligible to renew your license, beginning today and August 12th you can qualify for this limited offer. License or ID cards must be dated between March 2020 and August 2021.

Once customers renew online, a REAL ID will be provided to them in early 2021. While the $50 renewal fee still stands, the additional $25 for upgrading to the REAL ID will be waived.

There’s been a handful of extended deadlines when it comes to the RMV. Below are a few of the new deadlines:

  • Drivers licenses that were set to expire through the months of March-May 2020 will now expire in September 2020
  • June licensee will now expire inĀ  October 2020, July will be November 2020 and August will be December 2020

REAL IDs will be required by all U.S. citizens in the coming year. For more information on the renewal process, visit the Massachusetts RMV here. Additionally, if you’re ready to renew, this link will take you directly to the platform “myRMV.”