I mentioned earlier you can receive free and discount museums passes with your BPL card, but did you know that you can also stream movies right from your computer thanks to your BPL card?

If you already have a Boston Public Library card, head over to Hoopla and enter your BPL card number to log in.

Note: Do not add any spaces when you enter your account number and do enter a pin number if you are using the Boston Public Library as your local library. If you forget your pin number, head over to the BPL’s website and click “forget pin” when you try to log on to your account.

There are other libraries like Brookline, Watertown, and more that also participate in Hoopla. However, any Massachusetts resident can receive a free Boston Public Library card. (There are also many other libraries in other states that also participate).

There are movies, music, audiobooks, and TV series available for streaming on Hoopla. You can download up to 10 titles a month with your BPL card.

I did a quick browse of movie and TV titles, and while there is a large selection but I haven’t heard of most of them. (But I’m also not a movie buff either). However, it is a nice free option if you are looking for an easy and free way to stream movies online legally.

For more information about Hoopla, please check out their website here or check out Boston Magazine’s article here.