Fasten Boston Free Rides

Are you familiar with the ride-sharing company Fasten? Fasten is similar to Lyft and Uber but Fasten says they charge less and does not surge charge when demand gets busy.

I have yet to use Fasten myself (but have used other ride-sharing companies) but they have a new promotion I wanted to share for those who work or play late.

For a limited time, Fasten is giving away free rides from 12am to 3am Monday-Thursday.

The meter will be at $0 for the first 20 minutes of your ride, then I’m assuming you will need to pay if your ride is longer than that as well as pay for any tolls or if you go outside coverage area.

For more information about Fasten’s Free Late Night Ride Night and all their terms and conditions, please head here.

If you are a new to Fasten and would like to download the app, head sign up here for a free $15 credit for your first ride (through my referral link) within 30 days of signing up.

Have you used Fasten before? What did you think?




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